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Dial 'C' for CAL
B/C 02732025 date pre-1986?
The CAL Group showreel
Mix of B/W film clips, Charlie Chaplin etc, with artwork:

  • Computer Animation " 3-D Space"
  • Harry/Paintbox examples

Dial ‘C' for CAL and Summertime Views
B/C 02736098 date : 1988 approx

  • Frutella,
  • Liverpool Tate,
  • Wednesday at Eight,
  • Northern Life,
  • Rory Bremner,
  • BAFTA,
  • Eurotunnel, etc.

Digital Pictures main showreel 1993
B/C 02735040 date: 1993

  • Meridian Ident
  • Radion washing powder advert: Animated fork/ teacup/ trainers
  • McDonalds advert
  • Yoplait: Animated cutlery
  • This Week : Titles
  • Hale And Pace: titles - animated fish composited
  • Sun Silk - shampoo advert:  hair simulation
  • 24 Hour Lifeguard -  bleach advert : bacteria simulation
  • Gordons Gin
  • European Football Championships 1992 - titles
  • Lasagne ready-meal, advert compsiting live action with pop-up book
  • Endekay - animated boxes
  • 3-D animations for differet applications
    shows rendering quality and animation standard for
    cogs, particles, some character (anthropomorphic), fruit, water ripple,
    landscape, engine simulation, bees, bacteria


Electric Image Showreel 1992
B/C 02735210 date: 1992

  • The Seven Wonders of the World sequences
    (lots of particles) for Jydsk Telefon 
  • Planets/Space to Earth : 'Sistene Mapfre"
  • Lucky strike Cigarettes: rendered for Cinema at 35mm
    Outer Space with cigarette boxs as astronauts
  • Underwater Sequence - fish, anenomes, oil platform, sea, fire, clouds
  • Panorama titles and others : e.g. Olympics '92, a lot of morphing :
  • Whirlpool, animated hand made of water (Lambie-Nairn),
  • Fiat, Anglia,  'melting' lampshade

Electric Image : David Benson, Ian Bird, Stephen Coren, Paul Docherty,
Karen Halliwell, Tony Hursey, Theo Lake, Ian McFadyen, Simon Mckeown,
Jill Munro, Martin Nicholas, John Wake, Angie Willis.
Companies´  Credits
Post-production : Dave Gardener at First Post

Electric Image: Doris Showreel
B/C 02741865 date: 1987
Adverts /TV graphics 80's style
Electric Image:
Paul Docherty, Mike Milne, Stewart McEwan, Ian Bird, Martin Foster, Ian McFadyen,
Paul Newell, Chris Tunnah, Theodore Lake, David Benson, Jill Munro, Anna Solinis

Electric Showreel
B/C 02743000  date: Jan 1986

  • Tomorrows World - titles - Graphic Design: Haydn Young
  • British Telecom International - GD and Prog: Stewart McEwan, Paul Docherty
  • Thames TV New Season Campaign - GD: Chris Connors
  • ITV Autumn Campaign - GD: Graham Smith YTV, Prod/Dir: David Lane
  • Atari Commercial - Prod: Janneke Ouwendijk, Art Dir: Gerda Bakker CG Design
    and Prod: Paul Docherty, Stewar McEwan,  Mike Milne , worth a look
  • ITV Promotion Campaign - GD: Jeff Parr, Prod: David Lane  (features magic carpet)
  • Wicks Commercial (Graphics sequence) Saatchi & Saatchi, Garland-Compton
     Art Dir: Haydn Morris, CG: Mike Milne
  • Toy Soldier : GD and Prog: Ian Bird and Mike Milne
  • London Plus (titles for BBC) GD: Leslie Hopestone


Eurographics 1992 Showreel 
 B/C 02735598 date: 1992
The development  of the organic in CG - genetic algorithms, water, air, morphing, dinosaurs,
early character animation,simulator rides

  • After Birth Part 1 : NCCA : animation: Vassilios Hurmusiadis, Jacqueline Wrather,
    music: Stephen Deutsch. Morphing underwater mammals, rotoscoped figure animation.
  • Dinosaur: NCCA : animation: Peter Day   :  pre- Jurassic Park dinosaur animation :
  • Time Piece : NCCA : animation: Liz Sculley, Andrew Schofield, Simon Stoney,
     Andrew Kind , (Andrew Kind went on to work on : Technosphere) :animation on
    theme of time, includes figure running, cogs, dials.
  • Well of Tears : NCCA : animation: Jonathan Bowen, Richard Grindell, John Kay,
    Carol Muckersie, Christine Grace :  original music composition, Dragonfly, water, space,
    flying machines and animated toy soldiers. Fantasy style.
  • Advertising shorts
  • Experiments in Biogenesis - (PHIGS preview) : Artist: William Latham ,  Animation
    and Software: Stephen Todd, Ramen Sen, Andy Lomas , Produced at IBM UK Scientific
    Centre, Winchester, UK : 1992 
    ESME: Programming Language   FORM GROW: Form Generation   MUTATOR: Form Selection 
    MOVIE: Animation Production   DANCER: Behavioural Movement   LIFE CYCLE: Metamorphosis
    and Birth. Sequences of animation using evolutionary algorithms to generate the forms
  • Festival : Yoichuro Kawaguchi : Nippon Electronics College : 1991  
    Abstract festival of colour and organic animation - amazing stuff
  • L'Art En Jeu : Cecile Babioli : 1991 : Breaking sculptures/ surfaces, morphing
  • Primordial Dance : Software and animation: Karl Sims , Music: David Grimes  :
    Thinking Machines Corporation : 1991 : "Animation Produced by genetic dissolves between equations...
    Procedurally generated pictures were interactively mutated, mated and reproduced until these images
    emerged" (from screen)
  • Advertising shorts, including advert for "Baby Fresh" with CG baby and  "Milkman" advert with
     dancing milk bottles
  • Laser Scanning and Recording techniques : NCR Canada : 1990 -1  : faces are scanned, recorded and
  • On The Run : MIT : The Leg Laboratory : AI Lab at MIT :  1 x legged, 2x legged, 4x legged creatures
    related to robotic creature in lab generating movement
  • Rien Qu'un Souffle : Daniel Borenstein, Shinji Santoh, Didier Levy : 1992 :  Breeze blows curtain and
    tablecloth in and extraordinary simulation of fabric manipulation
  • Sam's Water - Work in Progress : CAL :  Water droplets, ripples, movement very good demonstration
    of water simulation
  • The Lawnmower Man : NO CREDITS : 3-D CG bodies in VR, blobby objects, Chrome, VR sex - morphing
    dangers of VR immersion
  • Terminator 2 - Judgement Day : NO CREDITS : scenes showing the morphing chrome terminator, morphing
    between characters : special effects.
  • Inter Galactic Travel : Links Corporation : 1991 : Simulator ride : space travel, rocks, fly throughs, tubes,
    mythical fantasy environments, fire, bubbles, sea, underwater seamonster, dinosaur, space station in the sea.
  • Lost Animals : New York : 1991: SGI technology : Dir: Phillippe Billion, Animation: Debbies Pashkoff &
    others "Dino and Louie" ; "Deinotherium" ; "Machrauchenia" ; "Stellers Sea Cow" Recreated species,
    pre - Jurassic Park
  • Sub Oceanic Shuttle : IWERKS Entertainment : Simulator Ride : Fly through transparent tubes, underwater,
    schools of fish, underwater, city, hieroglyphics, Octopus, Seamonster.
  • The Astronomers : Wavefront technology :  Space, planets, excellent gaseous space matter and subtle
    simulation of planets/atmosphere
  • La Guerre de Poils : Anthony Heurta : Early character animation of an electric and old razor battling it out in
    the bathroom. 
  • Les Fables Geometriques - "Le Serpent et La Lime" : Fantome Productions. 
  • Luxo Jnr : animation: John Lasseter, Andrew Stanton : Pixar : 1991 : "Surprise" ; "Light and Heavy"  

Eurographics '92 - Tape 2
B/C 0274631X  date: 1992
This is a tape of the 3-D character animations from that festival:

  • La Guerre des Poils
    Scenario: Giovanni Casconne, Anthony Huerta
    Animation: Anthony Huerta
    Production: Michel Roosens, Imagine
    Remerciements: Silicon Graphics, Eric Poivre, Thierry Mirabel
    Manuel Portouis, TDI Thomson Digital Image,
    LBO: Paul Francois Fontigny Caroline Van Iseghem
    1991 RTBF/Anthony Huerta
  • Les Fables Geometriques : Le Serpent et La Lime
    Design: Christian Hoffman, Philippe Ravon, Marilyn Talarn
    Animation: Gibert Louet, Franck Parisis, Frederick Durand
    Franck Clement Larosiere, Benoit Dehaene
    Realisation: Renato Georges Lacroix
    3-D Images: Fantome
    2-D Images: FR3 Nancy
    Production: Fantome Animation
    co-Producers: Fantome/ Canal+/ FR3 Nancy/ Imagique RTBF
    With support from: Club D'Investissement Media
    Centre National de la Cinematographie
    1991, Fantome/ Canal+/ FR3 Nancy/ Imagique RTBF
  • Luxo Jnr in "Surprise" and "Light and Heavy"
    Directed and Animated by: John Lasseter and Andrew Stanton
    Technical Director: Xael Milo
    Film Output: Danny Conway
    Executive Producer: Ralph Guggenheim
    Made at Pixar, 1991
  • Luxo Jnr in "Surprise" and "Light and Heavy" again


European Championships
B/C 02743299   date: 1984

Football landing on Isometric pitch with uplight descriptions of pitch markings
A classic early TV animation graphic


Ex Machina Showreel 92
B/C  date: 1992

  • Alpha Romeo
  • Simulator Ride : Iwerks Entertainment
  • ELF
  • Gruppo Carribo
  • Disney, Paris
  • Pepito
  • Ballerina Floormop
  • Harpic Bleach
  • Alpha Romeo engine simulation
  • 2 animated bees, 'campus 92'
  • Scientific visualisation of TV - digital sound, separate signals, high
    definition pictures
  • Subsonic Bee in "Bee a Winner" - will subsonic bee become supersonic?...
    Technical director Laurent Borenstein 
    See also
  • Telecom France


Experiments in Biogenesis
B/C 02735625 date: 1992
IBM UK SC  : William Latham
PHIGS preview : 
Animation and Software: Stephen Todd, Ramen Sen, Andy Lomas
Produced at IBM UK Scientific Centre, Winchester, UK    
ESME: Programming Language  
FORM GROW: Form Generation  
MUTATOR: Form Selection  
MOVIE: Animation Production  
DANCER: Behavioural Movement  
LIFE CYCLE: Metamorphosis and Birth 
Sequences of animation using evolutionary algorithms to generate the forms
Creatures evolved and interacting – different to Eurographics Showreel example