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Brand components


Every book published on brands will include a different set of brand components demonstrating the complexity of the concept. The important thing here is to appreciate that a brand does have several different elements to it. The following captures those core elements.

  • Functions -What the brand can do, its core mechanical purpose. For a hotel this might be to provide a place to sleep.
  • Benefits -What consumers can gain from using / owning the brand. For a hotel this might be feeling relaxed after a good nightĄs sleep.
  • Associations -What consumers link or connect the brand to. For a hotel this might be a thing as diverse as: events held there, celebrity guests, or the town it is located in.
  • Personality -What kind of human characteristics the brand possesses. For a hotel this might be a thing like: fun, reliability, liveliness, romanticism.
  • Promise -What consumers believe the brand says it is delivering. For a hotel this might include: a tropical paradise or maybe five star service.

The idea of brand image attempts to capture all of these other components. It is the totality of the perceptions people hold about the brand, and it is based on the direct and indirect experiences a consumer has with that brand.

It is worth noting just how powerful brand image can be. We recently asked a class of students what image they held of British Airways. They instantly came up with all kinds of feelings and thoughts associated with British Airways (many positive, some less so). We then asked how many of them had ever travelled on British Airways. Just 8% had done so! This demonstrates that consumers hold clear images of many brands based on very little direct experience.

Try it yourself. List as many words and phrases you ca when thinking about the city of Glasgow. Now visit this site and see how your own image of the city compares

Spencer Brace, Sales & Marketing Manager, Bournemouth International Airport.

Stuart Perl, Regional Director of Marketing (EMEA), Cunard Line Seaborne Cruise Line.