Professional Studies for Screen-Based Media
Foundation Degree South West

Types of brands.


Organisations can develop different brand strategies depending on their overall objectives. The decision concerning which brand strategy to adopt is important because it will influence other parts of the marketing mix like the organisation's relationship with distributors, and will also impact consumer perceptions.

We identify at least 4 distinctive brand strategies.

  • Corporate brand -Here all of the organisation's brands support the overall corporate image. The company name is dominant. Mars is a good example of this approach.
  • Single brand -Here the organisation probably has just one brand (or at least one very dominant brand). Consumers know the organisation by knowing the single brand. An example of this approach would be a restaurant like The Beach Hut:
  • Multi-brand -Here the organisation decides not to directly associate any of their brands with the parent company. So the company may be producing many brands (some competing with each other) promoting them all under separate brand names. A good example of this is The Rank Group
  • Balanced brand -Here an organisation promotes its brands individually, however there is a visible link back to the parent company. A good example of this approach is:

Which strategy is best depends on the individual circumstances of the organisation. In the end, a decision has to be made based on what is considered to be more relevant to the consumers -the organisation or the individual brand.