Professional Studies for Screen-Based Media
Foundation Degree South West

This section contains links to all the exercises related to each section. There are 10 exercises in total.

1. Final Self test quiz
If you have covered all of the Introduction to Marketing online material you should be able to answer most of the questions in this quiz, but you might also try this test before reviewing material. The difference between your initial score and final score should provide you with a good indication about what you have learnt.

2. Group debate on the value of marketing to society
The Defining Marketing section raised issues about the value of marketing to society and asked you to consider your own feelings about this. This exercise provides an opportunity to think and talk through some of your attitudes to marketing.

3. Thistle case study: Recovering in a saturated marketing?
The Marketing Planning section suggested that marketing is a management function that requires marketers to develop answers to a series of related questions in the planning cycle. This case study should get you to think about these questions and practice developing a simple plan.

4. Uneasy Jets?: A PEST analysis for the airline industry
In the Marketing Environment section the idea of an analysis of the external environment was introduced as a key task for marketers. This exercise should give you an idea about how that analysis is undertaken.

5. Marketing Mix Quiz
This multiple choice quiz should allow you to test your understanding of the Marketing Mix section.

6. EasyJet and Company case study
Research is a key tool for marketers to help them to understand complex problems. This case study should allow you to apply what you have learnt about the marketing research process. Read the mini case study and complete the tasks.

7. Marketing Segmentation Quiz
This multiple choice quiz should allow you to test your understanding of the Market Segmentation section.

8. A day to talk about travel
In the Consumer Behaviour section you learnt about the importance of understanding consumers. In this exercise you will try to understand consumers first hand.

9. Are companies listening to you?
The Internal Marketing and Customer Care section highlighted the importance of dealing with customer enquiries effectively. In this exercise you should be able to test the effectiveness of real customer service departments.

10. Positioning, positioning, positioning
In the Branding section you were introduced to the idea of brand positioning. This exercise should get you to explore this idea in more detail and get you to apply what you have learnt.[link to each exercise]